Project reference setup with ansible & vagrant

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  • Local development environment
  • Server provisioning
  • Server configuration management
  • Secrets management
  • Testing
  • Documentation


  • Vagrant 1.9.2 or later
  • Virtualbox (recommended) or VMWare Fusion
  • Virtualbox version 5.1.24 introduced a NFS bug so recommended version is 5.1.22
  • Ansible 2.0 or later
  • will run ansible by default inside virtualenv, so for that ansible is not needed


  • To speed things up you might want to use vagrant-cachier vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier

  • WunderTools supports vagrant-hostmanager for easier hosts configuration vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager

Note: If you don't use hostmanager you need to take care of setting up your local environment hostname manually in /etc/hosts

Getting help

Any suggestions, feedback and bug reports should be posted to Github issues: